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3 Sheeps Barrel Society is for those who love terrific barrel-aged beers. It’s our not-so-secret club of aficionados that come together for a common interest, celebrate big, bold beers, and enjoy the community that craft beer provides. Being a Barrel Society member gives you not only access to EXCLUSIVE Barrel Society beers, but provides you with the flexibility to pick up beer when it’s convenient for you. No waiting in lines for releases, no missing out on that beer that sells out in hours, and no worrying that you missed a release day. Interested? Read on.

Barrel Society Membership – $50
This is the base membership. If you want to join the club it only costs you $50.

Basic Membership in the  Barrel Society includes:

  • Barrel Society t-shirt
  • Barrel Society glass
  • Membership card
  • Invitation to the Barrel Society party
  • 10% discount on non-barrel-aged beer (draft and package) and merchandise at the taproom.
  • The ability to preorder ANY barrel-aged beer – including our 6 Barrel Society-only releases throughout the year.

All Barrel Society-only beers will be $20 per 22oz bottle this year.

With this level of membership, no beer is included in the cost. But, you will have the flexibility to choose whether you want a release or not, and how much of it. Love the Wolf variants every year? Great – you can buy more than your usual 2 bottles. Are you not convinced that Barleywine Is Life? You can skip that release, or only buy one bottle to see what all the buzz is about. Just like before, we’ll hold on to those six releases all year long for you. That way if you are making a trek from out of state, you can plan just one trip to pick up all of the exclusive releases at the end of the year.

To reiterate, we will still hold all Barrel Society beers until the end of the year as we have in the past.
Of course, the Barrel Society is about more than just the six Barrel Society beers we release throughout the year. You’ll be able to preorder any of the barrel-aged beers we release throughout the year. Beers like: Double Barrel Wolf, Triple Barrel Wolf, Anniversary Beers, Veneration and its variants, Black Friday releases, Deeply Rooted and its variants, and many more.  This year, there will be quarterly pick up windows for non-Barrel Society releases.

  • Q1 pick up until 4/21/24
  • Q2 pick up until 7/27/24 (Barrel Society Party on 7/26)
  • Q3 pick up until 10/20/24
  • Q4 pick up until 1/22/24

For example, that means you may order four bottles of Cuvee in January, a few special releases in February, and something limited in early March. We’ll hold on to all of those beers until April 21th if you’d like, but you certainly can pick up the beer when they are released. On the final weekends of the quarter, we’ll have a little get together for members including some fun Barrel Society only tappings and special tours and tastings at the brewery.

Barrel Society Premium Membership: $50 + $215

Everything for the $50 membership sounds pretty great, right? Good. You still get all of that.

The Premium membership lets you preorder all six of the Barrel Society-only releases at a discounted price. Don’t want to worry about missing a presale email? You know how good all the Barrel Society beers are? You’re buying this as a gift and want to ensure the recipient gets at least 12 bottles of beer? This is for you.

Instead of paying $20 per bottle of Barrel Society beer at each release, you’ll pay $215 up front. That means $215 / 12 bottles = $17.90 per bottle. Yay math!

Nothing to remember, nothing to forget. All the benefits of the Barrel Society, plus the knowledge that you have six releases waiting for you at the end of the year no matter what.

NEW THIS YEAR- We will have the option to hold all your beer, Barrel Society AND non-Barrel Society. Non-Barrel Society beers will have an option at checkout that includes a small fee ($1 per unit). This will ensure your beer is sorted and stored safely until you make it to the taproom for pick up before the end of the year. You are welcome to pick up your beer anytime after it is released, but this option give you even more flexibility.

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